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No one can debate there is a skill involved in DJ-ing, but does that make a DJ an artist?
I believe that there is a form of art as the mixes produced are a form of art, layering, cutting, filtering, adding effects, ... There is more to DJ-ing than the act of playing songs in a sequence and it's not only about song choices.
There is an artistic process at work ! A DJ picks music that already exists and packages it in a way that makes it appealing to an audience, makes a link to them, let them experience and share this link.
RT @denon_dj: "Denon DJ have really looked at what potentially would make the perfect one-stop shop and implemented as many features as the…
1 week ago@Link2uDJ
RT @denon_dj: Introducing PRIME 4, 4-Deck Standalone DJ system with 10" multi-touch/gesture display, dual zone output, pro-mixer section, p…
1 month ago@Link2uDJ
What is happening with our favorite European music shop @Baxshop ? Customer service no follow-up, Belgian customer…
3 months ago@Link2uDJ
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